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Dec 28   

Agnetha Discusses Reunion

We have been spending our time on other ABBA discussion groups lately, but have been discussing renewing our activity with the ABBAUpdate site.  Yesterday's article in The Local about comments made by Angetha gave us a reason to start up again.  See the article below.


Dec 17   

ABBA World At Powerhouse Museum In Syndey

The ABBA World exhibit is in Sydney until March 2011.  Here is a link to a photogallery of the exhibit.

Ingmarie Halling with a photo of her working on Frida's costume

Dec 23   

Merry Christmas with ABBA!

It has been a while since our last update at ABBAUpdate.com, but we have been following the ABBA news and have been active in the forums, of course.  But since it is Christmas and we are listening to Agnetha's christmas album once again, it seems like the right time to begin again with our regular updates.

So here is one thought for your ABBA fans.  If you own a Playstation 2 or 3 game system, there is a terrific game for your enjoyment.  SingStar's ABBA game lets you sing along to your favorite ABBA videos karaoke style, either by yourself or competing with a group.  We are having a great time with this, and it has been perfect for keeping a houseful of family in good spirits. 

SingStar ABBA (Stand Alone)

Click here for a game preview.

Mar 24   
Björn Demands Fair Deal for Songwriters 

Media reports are carrying the story about Björn's support for "Fair Play for Creators," a web forum run by PRS for Music, a nonprofit collective of 60,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers that exist to ensure that our members receive songwriting royalties whenever their music is played, performed or reproduced.  Read story here .  Link to Fair Play for Creators.

Mar 22   

Björn Receives Approval To Build New Home and Studio

Björn has been granted approval by government officials from Gotland to build a new home and studio on the Furillen Island.  The approval has been appealed by Sweden's environmental protection agency, but it would be a beautiful location as seen below in a picture published in a local paper.


Dec 15   

ABBA The Museum Tour

According to ABBAsite.com, ABBA the Museum is planning to take its exhibits on the road.  Full story .

Nov 26   

Mamma Mia Sets UK DVD Sales Record

Mamma Mia! has become the fastest-selling DVD of all time in the UK, according to  Official  UK  Charts  Company  figures.   It  sold 1,669,084 copies on Monday's release date,  breaking the previous record held by Titanic  -  based on DVD and video sales - by 560,000 copies.  Full Story


Nov 15   

Agnetha's New Releases

We finally received Anetha's new releases last week - well, at least "My Very Best" arrived.  We have had to order the "Original Albums Box Set" 3 times now because each seller did not have the inventory.  That should arrive next week.


 "My Very Best" was published 40 years after Agnetha's first hit single.  Seems hard to believe it was that long ago.  The album is a nice collection of Agnetha's songs, and it would be perfect for a new fan to realize what Agnetha did outside of ABBA (The 3-year old daughter of one ABBAUpdate member has listened to it for a week straight).  It has also been nice for a old fan as a nostalgic complication CD, although we are still looking forward to the full box set.

Oct 11   

Mamma Mia! Saves NBC's Earnings!

Wired.com ran an interesting article today, one that is quite appropriate for these strange financial times.  Mamma Mia! earnings have reportedly been large enough to help NBC significantly compared to the stock prices of other companies.

Full Article


Sep 11   

ABBA Museum Opening Delayed

The ABBA Museum announced today that they must delay the opening of the museum to some future date yet to be determined due to difficulties associated with rennovated the historical building chosen for the museum site.  ABBAUpdate members recently visited the site in August, and there were certainly signs of major rennovation efforts.  We are not surprised, although we are dissappointed. 

Sep 9   

Mamma Mia! Movie Wins at London National Movie Awards

Mamma Mia! picked up two awards, one for best actress for Meryl Streep and one for best musical.  Bjorn's quote on accepting the award: "This is very emotional for me, getting this fantastic prize from an Australian lady here in the UK - the two countries, more than any other countries, which have taken Abba to their hearts."  Link to BBC Article


Nicole Kidman and Bjorn Ulvaeus

Sep 7   

Mamma Mia! Movie Sing-a-long

The Mamma Mia! Movie is showing at certain theaters with subtitles so the audience can sing the songs along with the movie.  Go the the main Mamma Mia! Movie page  too see if a theater near you is playing the sing-a-long.  We will be going soon and will let you know if how it was.

Jul 18   

Mamma Mia! Soundtrack Debuts at No.7!

Billboard's article today revealed that Mamma Mia! is doing very well.  See the below excerpt:

"Before the movie has danced across a single U.S. screen, consumers are already clamoring "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" for the soundtrack, featuring new cast vocals-and for ABBA's catalog. The former, released July 8 on Decca, debuts at a staggering No. 7 on this week's Billboard 200. It is produced by group co-founder Benny Andersson, utilizing musicians that recorded the original tracks.

Meanwhile, Universal's 1992 collection "ABBA Gold" is No. 6 this issue on the Top Pop Catalog chart (its 441st week). Total SoundScan-reported sales for "Gold" are 4.4 million, and worldwide, 25 million."  Full Article


Jul 15   

Bjorn reported to be suffering from long term memory loss

Daily Mail published article today claiming Bjorn admitted to loss of some of his long term memories, such as play at the historic Eurovision contest.  Full article

Jul 14   

New Mamma Mia! The Movie Page

To keep up with all of the attention Mama Mia! The Movie is getting, we have added a new page as a collection of links to interviews, articles, reviews, etc.  Use the new button to go there and stay current.


Jul 5   

Happy Fouth of July!


 It was nice to see our favorite foursome together today.  As everyone makes its speculations and interpretations, we just enjoyed seeing the four together.



Jul 2   

Mama Mia! Links

Below are a collection of favorite Mama Mia! links that we will continue to update as the news about the premieres continues.

Entertainment Tonight

The Guardian

Benny Interview


Jul 1   

Mama Mia! Movie Premieres

Amazingly, it is already time for the first Mama Mia! movie premiere in London.  The Guardian has a good video link with some short comments by Benny and Björn.  We are really excited to see if we are right that this movie will take ABBA's popularity to a whole new level.  Happy premiere tracking! 

We are collecting premiere photos to add to our Mama Mia! photo album , so be sure to visit our collection and feel free to share any you may have. 

Jun 2   

IKEA Giving Away Mama Mia! Tickets and

Starting June 14 through July 12, stores throughout the U.S. will host celebrations and ticket giveaways, and most will hold karaoke events featuring music from the soundtrack of Mamma Mia! The Movie.  Each person who takes the mic for karaoke or participates in other events will receive two tickets (while supplies last) to an exclusive local screening of the movie for IKEA customers only. 

IKEA will aslo pick 20 lucky couples to get married, renew their vows, or celebrate their commitment at a Mamma Mia! The Movie-themed group wedding event at IKEA Burbank on July 17. After the reception, the brides, grooms and their wedding guests will enjoy a private screening of the movie at Universal City Walk.

See full newsletter for details.


May 9   

ABBA The Museum Contest to Win Tickets to Opening Week - June 2009!


Be sure to visit the ABBA The Museum's website and sign up for their newsletter.  They are offering a chance to win two tickets if you answer their questions correctly (not tough ones).  Registration is in the lower right corner of their home page.  They are then sending around a message with the newsletter letting you enter the contest.  Click the photo above to go there.


May 7   

Benny's Son to Accompany ABBA Tribute Band Waterloo in China

ShanghaiDaily.com is reporting that Ludvig Andersson will accompany Waterloo's "ABBA The Show" tour to China later this month.  It is really mind boggling to think of the potential for an ABBA revival with the new movie coming out and big markets like China getting exposure.  Exicitng times!  Here's the link to the full story.


Apr 25   

Happy Birthday Björn!

We are adding a batch of new pictures of Björn in honor of his 63rd birthday.

Apr 14   

Final Forum Contest Winner List

Here is the final list of winners: Swiss Princess, Magda, Mi-ryam, Mr. Phil, Abbasolutely, and BJohnson.  They are all enjoying their copies of ABBA's The Definitive Collection CD.  Thanks to everyone for participating in the forum - and stay tuned for future contests.


Mar 21   

Illegal downloading - debate piece by Bjorn Ulvaeus


The debate piece talks about how illegal downloading is a threat to the "Swedish music wonder". In order for us to be able to enjoy great music we have to honor the song writers. If illegal downloading is continued song writers will not be able to work fulltime on writing songs and their talent will not be able to fully flourish.

Bjorn goes on to describe the very long process required in order to produce great songs. The process of creating great music mainly consists of getting rid of the things that are not good or mediocre. If you don't have the time, or the money to do this the quality of the product will suffer. Bjorn goes on to say that we have to be able to find a way where copyright of music can be protected even on the internet, without infringing on privacy.

If we want to keep producing high quality music we have to be able to let the future generation of talent be able to exercise their song writing and producing talents to the fullest.

The debate of solving the problem of copyright and downloading of music is a big debate in Sweden right now between the people, the government and the music industry.

Mar 18   

"Abbasolutely" Wins Week 6 Forum Contest

Our Week 6 Forum contest winner is "Abbasolutely" from the land down under.  See the forum for the complete profile of all of our winners.  Only two weeks left, be sure to join the forum and post for the last two chances to win.

Mar 11   

Weeks 4&5 of the Forum Contest Announced- Only 3 Weeks Left!

 "MrPhil" won week 4 of the forum contest, and "Mi" won week 5.  We will provided updated profiles of each winner as soon as we receive them.

In the meantime, we still have 3 weeks left for people to win The Definitive Collection - so come join the conversations in the Forum for your chance to win!


Mar 7   

Time to get Tickets for Opening Week of the ABBA Museum!

The general public can buy tickets to opening week June 3 -7, 2009 starting March 13, 2008 at 10.00 am Swedish time. You can only get them through the website at www.abbamuseum.com

If you want to be a part of this festive opening week make sure to get your tickets early!


Mar 5   

Benny Andersson - Music for Mamma Mia Movie

This is a very interesting clip from Swedish Television that shows an interview with Benny and he shows the music work he has done on the movie Mamma Mia. He explains to you how he has created the music and you get to see the piano that is linked to a computer and exactly how the film music was done.

The clip is in Swedish but it  is very fascinating just to look at how it was done.


Feb 19   

Week 2 Contest Winner - Magda!

Forum member Magda has won the forum contest drawing on February 16!  Magda's copy of The Definitive Collection has been sent to her in Romania.  Magda is a long time ABBA fan, contributing to fanclubs and sites around the world.  She is an amazing person, working as a single mother and caretaker of her own mother, and still finding time to be a loyal ABBA fan.  Magda has design wallpapers and contributed some of the photos in the ABBAUpdate photo galleries, and we want to both thank her and congratulate her for being this week's winner.

For more on Magda's unique and fascinating ABBA experience, click here  to go to the forum announcement of this weeks winner.


Feb 12   

Congratulations to first forum contest winner!

Our first winner of the ABBAUpdate Forum contest was SwissPrincess1974!  As the first winner, SwissPrincess1974 has been sent her copy of ABBA The Definitive Collection.  SwissPrincess1974 reports that she is a younger fan whose introduction to ABBA came from her parents and ABBA The Movie.  A favorite ABBA memory of hers was seeing Frida and Björn in Berlin.  Congratulations to SwissPrincess1974, and good luck to next weeks winner!

Remember to enter to win by registering and posting in the forum

Feb 8   

Floor plan for the new ABBA musuem

Jan 15   


   Win the Definitive Album!

ABBAUpdate is kicking off an 8 week contest to encourage participation in the ABBAUpdate forum.  To enter, you must simply register for the forum and start posting!  On February 1, 2008, we email all registered forum members an official notice that the contest has begun.  Once a week thereafter, for 8 weeks, we will draw a winner from the forum members who have posted at the forum during the previous week.  The email address provided during registration will be our contact information for contest winners.  If you win, we will ship the Definitive Collection CD to your requested address, simple as that. No addresses will be released other than to mail the CD to you.  Official rules will be announced when the contest begins, so join the forum and watch for the announcement on ABBAupdate.com or to through your email. 

Our site is the sole sponsor of this contest.  We hope you take a chance to win some good music!


January 2008   

ABBA Happy New Year! A collection of video links of ABBA members singing in the new year. 

Enjoy, and Happy 2008 from ABBAUpdate.


Celebrate Christmas with Agnetha and Linda's Christmas CD


As the holiday season approaches, ABBAUpdate remembers Agnetha's Christmas album released in 1981.  It is a compilation of Swedish Christmas music sung by Agnetha and her daugher Linda.  It is a favorite of some of the children of ABBAUpdate contributors and is a nice way to take a closer look at Swedish Christmas traditions.

Link to Swedish Christmas page.



Article in The Local:                                                    "Sweden's ABBA museum to open in 2009"



Frida comeback?

It is being reported that in an interview over the weekend on the German TV show Brisant", Frida confirmed that she has had discussions with Jon Lord from Deep Purple about a comeback and they "are talking more and more about maybe!"

Whether or not her discussions have been serious yet, we would would obviously love to see a Frida comeback!


New Interview With Bjorn and Frida!

There was a great interview this week with Bjorn and Frida. 

Follow the link below to watch the interview in English.  http://torgen-am-morgen.blogspot.com/2007/10/torgen-trifft-frida-bjrn.html


Björn in the jury for Swedish heroes

   A new action started by the Swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet" is

called "Swedish heros". Special jury will choose Swedes who have

contributed with something important for the society. The winners will

appear in a special TV gala aired on Swedish TV on December 16. On

 Wednesday October 10 it was officially announced that Björn Ulvaeus is

one of the jury members.


Mamma Mia! worldwide release dates

Australia 10 July 2008
Norway 11 July 2008
Sweden 11 July 2008
UK 11 July 2008
Germany 17 July 2008
Russia 17 July 2008
Austria 18 July 2008
USA 18 July 2008
Mexico 8 August 2008
Argentina 21 August 2008
Netherlands 21 August 2008
Denmark 22 August 2008
Spain 5 September 2008
Belgium 24 September 2008
France 24 September 2008



Future ABBA Museum site. More pictures 



Björn and Benny without gold records.

This week, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus left their large collections

of gold and platinum records in the care of ABBA the Museum... more



Don't miss the "Rocktober" Calendar celebrating ABBA and Mama Mia events that happened during the month of October. 

   Click here to download full calendar.




www.youtube.com has some great ABBA videos.  Have a look!


Dancing Queen               Waterloo        The Winner Takes it All                  SOS         Take a Chance on Me



   Mamma Mia              Super Trouper               Fernando                  Chiquitita         Thank you for the Music




ABBA Museum Opens in Stockholm in Spring 2009

Architects Peter Ullstad and Patrick Rehnberg describe their excitement and

progress on the ABBA Museum.

Full Story



Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan: 'Mama Mia' Stars Having the Time of Their Life


As filming of 'Mama Mia' shifts from London to Greece this week, USA Today

published a nice story along with the above photo. 

Full Story




It’s final – this is where ABBA the Museum will open!

A hundred-year-old custom warehouse, on the south quay of central Stockholm, will become an ABBA museum. Click here  for more details...


“Mamma Mia!“ Comes to Big Screen

The blockbuster ABBA musical will be adapted into a movie soon, ABC says.

Bleach your hair and dust off your glitter-covered boots.

ABBA hits musical "Mamma Mia!" is going to the big screen thanks to Tom Hanks' production company Playtone.

Original ABBA members and songwriters Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson have signed a deal with Playtone and are now negotiating with Universal for the film rights, ABC News reported, aiming for a late 2007 release.

"Mamma Mia!" incorporates 22 ABBA hits in a silly comedic story about a girl who invites the three men who might be her father to her wedding on a Greek island.

Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, and Colin Firth have all accepted parts in the upcoming production.


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