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Lars Winnerbäck Lars Winnerbäck

Lars Winnerbäck, Lars Mattias Winnerbäck, born October 19, 1975, is a Swedish singer and songwriter. He was born in Stockholm but spent his childhood in Linköping, where he attended Katedralskolan, before moving back to Stockholm in 1996, the same year he released his first album, Dans med svåra steg ("Dance With Difficult Steps"). He is now one of Sweden's most popular artists.

The influence of songwriters like Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube, Bob Dylan and Cornelis Vreeswijk shines through in Winnerbäck's exclusively Swedish lyrics, which attack everyday shallowness, prejudice in society and hypocrisy in religion, as well as dealing with romance, relations and anxiety.

Official website: www.winnerback.net (in swedish)      Video


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