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Sarah began her singing career as a backing vocalist and studio session singer for other artists. For over a decade she was an undeniable force in contemporary music of all genres.
Her dedication and energy attracted the cream of Sweden's music industry and world musicians; Sarah worked and toured constantly in the late 90’s offering intense emotionally-driven vocalizing to other great names like Peter Jöback, Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA), Stephen Simmonds, Eric Bibb, Eric Gadd, Daniel Lindström, Jill Johnson etc etc 

Sarah soon became the most influential female singer of her generation and one of the most enduring Swedish popular music performers of all time. This all also led on to stage acting and performances in musicals Rent and Godspell, various stage and comedy shows like Livet and Humorator på Grand. Sarah was one of the key participants in the all-star TV music show Så ska det låta in 2006 and 2007 and has made numerous unforgettable guest appearances on various royal, charity- and award events.

By the time Roxy Recordings signed her in the spring of 2007, Sarah was already a fully fledged singer/songwriter/artist with 13 years of professional singing experience tucked neatly under her belt.

Official website: www.sarahfiner.com       Video


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