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Author Topic: Bob's review  (Read 5012 times)
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« on: July 28, 2008, 02:23:22 PM »

Well Troopers!
I finally got some time off and asked the wife if she wanted to go with me to see the Mama Mia Movie.
I also invited the young lady who use to be one of my students at Mac High School here in Houston in the 1980s named Samantha!
We took her out with us when the play came to Houston last year and had a great time then.
This time was no different.
From beginning to end it was good and we loved it.
We went to the 1:30 in the Afternoon Show this Saturday and walked into a crowd of women of every color of hair and shapes.
Most were Moms with daughters and many were women who looked the part of the 1970-1980 Era.
Many were young and many all had the giggles like they were waiting for something special to happen and trust me, they were not let down!
One group of ladies my age asked my wife and Sam how they got me to come out to see this "Movie".  My wife told them that she did not have to ask me as I asked her.
I got some cool stares over that and then they asked me why I loved ABBA Music.
I told them about my site and some of them said I knew I saw you before as me and my Mom was searching for things about ABBA on line!  Having read about me I guess a few people think the site is worth a visit now!
That was cool.
During the movie many sang along to the songs and many were like school girls stepping back into their cherished times of life.
Most of the older guys slept thru it as a gift to their wives and lovers I guess.
I was happy I went and I spent some good money on seeing this movie that was a while in the planning and then the making.
I think the actors did a great job of singing and making the movie funny when it was needed and moving at the same time.
I have never seen so many girls and women swaying to music except at the play we went to last year.
The movie theater was in Tombal and the place was packed at all showings of the film.
Yes, Batman may be playing right along with some other action adventure flicks.  But all the women I met were there to see Mama Mia!!!
I cannot understand the bad reviews in some US Papers.  I would like to smack a few around for the stupid comments about the movie.  These critics need some help in basic goals and values of life.
The story line is simple and anyone with any heart could have lived for real through this story line.  People with common sense and a desire for peace and happiness, can get lost into this movie.
It is heart warming and I saw many a tear being shed at some scenes with the Mother and Daughter sections of this flick.
I aksed for two tissue papers from my wife and at the same time she handed them to me I gave one to her and one to Samantha.   These women fell in love all over again with ABBA bringing them to full circle by the end.
The place was packed with happy movie paying customers, and I am sure the people behind every part of bringing this production to life for all of us, will get a good return on their money.  All I can say is thanks for allowing us all to turn back time and listen to some good music and watching some basic love story lines.
I am reminded of simpler times when death and destruction, need not be part of any thing having to do with a good movie.
If your looking for people who are laying out a love story and you want a good time.  This is your kind of movie!!!
Many asked around about the sound track to this movie and I advised them where to go and find them.  I even threw a comment in for them to buy the ABBA Definitive Collection CD to hear the group at it's best.
I won't get paid for selling anything and after watching this movie, I understand why I care a great deal about the group called ABBA!
Benny looked older and Bjorn always with a smile are still the same in my eyes after having met them so long ago.
I missed the women of ABBA being in this movie, but I knew that they are not forgotten by the people who spoke highly of these two good looking girls around me.
Not bad having two good looking women go with me to see a "ChickFlick" though!
Both women have hung around me a long time and nothing makes this better than sharing with people you care about.
I bought the CD for Samantha and gave it to her as we walked to our cars after the show.  I know she is a great single Mom and a great woman for the next guy that will enter her life.
Me and my wife went over to a joint and got some take-home grub and I sat down and wrote this for all of you.
One tough old Airborne-Ranger who ain't forgot his love of music is dang proud I got to live long enough to seeit.  I am please that people today can enjoy the music I have loved for many years.
The younger women and girls in the theater all loved the songs and I heard many were going out to buy the songs of ABBA and this sound track!
My take on this flick is 5 Stars and more so I am going to go see it again up there in Tomball, Texas at a great theater to relax and enjoy the new modern wonders of theater going.
The name of the place is Silverado!
Mama Mia, kept many of the theaters in this building packed with people, so the owners are making some good cash for their efforts having this movie showing there.
Not one Freak with a cell phone or a Wanna Be Gang Banger had to be told to knock it off during the show!
Large crowds of good looking women bring peace to a place when they gather Boys!
But they had a great tiome checking out every male who entered the theater.  I know now how women feel now when they are out numbered by some funny looking men staring at them!
Great Movie!
I plan to go several times more.
My buddy Brant and his wife were unable to hook-up with us for the first night showing, due to the Crane Falling Incident here in Houston, that is now in the news down here.
He works for the company the accident took place at.
Please make it if you can to see this movie-It is that good.
I plan to buy a couple of DVDs of this movie when it is released.
Ranger515-Roger That!  I Love ABBA Music!
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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2008, 02:39:37 PM »

I went to see the show this weekend and it was just as great as I had imagined!! Since I know all the songs it felt a little weird feeling sitting in a movie theatre singing along but I couldn't stop myself. The movie felt like the musical in so many ways. That's what I really loved about the movie, the fact that it was like the musical. I was surprised by what a good job Pierce and Meryl did on the vocals, especially Meryl Strep on "The Winner Takes it all" in the end it was very powerful.

I can't wait to go and see it with my parents who are big ABBA fans!!
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« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2008, 04:25:38 PM »

My wife and I went with 2 other couples - all of whom had also seen the stage production also.  I think the consensus was that the movie was better than expected, but that the stage production was still more fun because everyone was more into the music.  But we all really enjoyed the movie.  My wife, who never wants to see the same move twice said she could watch it over and over.  So that should be the true test.

So many reviews are critical of Brosnan, but I think it was really part of the success of the show.  Everyone was cracking up whenever he sang.  Sure, it wasn't great vocalistically - but it seemed to fit the mood of the movie, and we thought it was a great choice for the movie.  We liked Amanda Seyefried and of course Meryl Streep was great.

I counted 189 women and 18 men (plus a couple of question marks) in the theater - so the ladies far and away dominated.  It was opening night after all.  But I went back out a couple nights later to see Batman, and there were hords of 40-something women at the theater headed to Mamma Mia! and chatting like a bunch of 13 year olds. 

We have the soundtrack, and my 3 year old daughter has added it to her collection.  She is a huge ABBA fan, dancing queen being her favorite - but she can sing along to most of ABBA gold.  I'm sure Mamma Mia! will be a favorite of hers growing up.  My wife had Grease as her favorite - and this could easily be the same for little girls who don't get the story but love the music and dancing.

My favorite parts were the random cameo appearances of Benny and Bjorn.  Actually started cracking up when they came up.  The people around me didn't notice - and they thought it was pretty cool to have that pointed out.  That was a nice touch.

Everyone left the theater laughting and singing.  When was the last time you saw that?
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« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2008, 11:47:10 AM »

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the movie.  I've heard nothing but good comments about it.
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« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2008, 09:27:57 PM »

Hi All 
 It was  a great  movie  very well done.... Even Pierce  Bronson  did  ok
 it was not about if you could  sing or    not just a great story with the best  song s.
 And  Meryl  look  great too >>>>>
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« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2008, 02:50:04 PM »

I can't wait for September when I'll have the chance to see it here!
Oh-uh , but i can write my review already : GREEEEAAAAAAAAAAT !! Cheesy Kiss Grin
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« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2008, 12:00:49 PM »

September?? That is very late I thought this movie started everywhere worldwide in July.....well you are in for a treat once you  finally get to see it in the movie theather. I am going with my parents (old ABBA fans) to see it tomorrow. I am excited to see it again.
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