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Author Topic: Final winners - BJohnson and MiRyam  (Read 2781 times)
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« on: April 14, 2008, 11:20:35 AM »

Our final two winners of the contest were "BJohnson" in Week 7 - and "Mi-Ryam" repeated in Week 8.  The profiles are below.  Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for participating!

Mi -
"I live in Argentina,my name is Miryam aka Mi, i am 41, mother of 2
even though ABBA had had a couple of lp's edited in here i did not hear of them until 1979 when UNICEF concert became popular here, and all radio stations and tv channels became mad with Chiquitita and ABBA videos.
My first contact with ABBA was the Chiquitita video, of course, the one on the snow, and i went like nuts for them, they look so wonderful that i could not believe my eyes nor ears.
I got the Chiquitita (spanish)/lovelight single thinking that maybe i would hear only CH but i happened to love lovelight too!!! there was something going on for sure... that is when i decided to buy Voulez vous and that was the point of no return... i just felt the need for more and more...
i was already loving their music and looks but still there was more to come... fan stuff... it is my mother to blame, actually, (she would faint if i tell her this, LOL) it all began with her not allowing  me to  watch ABBA the movie on the cinema... i cried, i yelled but nothing worked, so i just sat in the front yard with the newspaper and started to cut the one page add for the movie and thought of collecting... and that is how it all started, after that came all the magazines, the magazine trade shop and then of course the friends...
then there came the pen pals... the best part of all...
in Argentina at the begining and then all over the world,
i think that even though music and memorabilia is great, friendship is the best thing ABBA brought to my life, it may sound dull but it's the truth,
friends no matter how far we are or how often we connect, they've remained my friends for over 20 years now, against all my family odds, hehehe, and the new ones, through the years i found wonderful ppl first through regular mail and later on over the internet.. and everything thanks to ABBA... how could i not love them??"

BJohnson -
"My earliest ABBA memories were watching the commericials for ABBA Gold and the videos shown ay before MTV came around.  The big debate was, of course, which of the two girls was prettiest - blonde or brunette - as reasoned by a bunch of little boys who really wouldn't admit to liking either of them anyway!  But the music stuck with you, and the parents had the LP's.

What really captivates me about ABBA is how the music stands timeless.  You really don't tire of it, somehow. (In fact, I just had to turn on the Definitive Collection sitting on my desk).  My kids now listen and have their favorites and my wife was called "Mama Mia" by my daughter for about a year. 

We made a recent trip to Sweden to visit with family and see the sites - and it was one of our favorite trips to enjoy the beautiful country and see the ABBA sites - starting at the airport getting of the plane.  What can you say?  It just becomes part of your life."

Thanks again to everyone.  We have enjoyed getting to know some of you, and we will have to do another contest again in the near future. Smiley

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